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A track for an advertisement

I've written and recorded a new track for an advertisement of one company.
We just finished its process. Planning all, shooting movies, composing and recording music, editing movies, and combine all materials. I asked Yoki Watanabe shooting and editing. To work with him is exciting. His knowledge and technique is really helpful to me. I can visualize my imagination with using his skills. It was a kind of limited schedule for us to get all things done. Although we somehow finished it. Happily, we could hear a customer satisfaction soon after we passed the movie out to the company.

About the music, I composed a totally new track for this project. I've already had an idea about its motif since we shot the first scene of this movie.
I chose an acoustic sound featuring a whistle and Ukulele. I really enjoyed myself to record it. I've never whistled many times in a day until my cheek being convulsed.
Typically, I needed to wait the movies combined because I needed to know certain time for it before I start to record. But, as I wrote it above, we didn't have much time to make this video. So I decided to start recording before editing.
It was easy to imagine that I would have to fix a track for the video after I record it. And it happened. But I put a small break in the track, so actually it was not a big deal to adjust it for the video.

To finish all the processes before the deadline is really important to me. No... I mean, this is the process to create the music as it is. I'd never finish it up if I have no limit. I have to keep training myself.
And it became precious experience to me.

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