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Two years

Yesterday was Jun 1st. So it had been 2 years since I came to Toronto.
Should I say "Can't believe it!" ? Yes, I can. I DO believe this past 2 years. Somehow I have survived this 2 years in Toronto. This is a fact. I'm proud of myself that I'm still being here alive.
I've met a bunch of people during the 2 years, whether the people love music or not. Got lots of inspirations from them. Created some works with using those inspirations sometimes and released them. And I keep trying to do it as much as possible.
Firstly, I have to finish my current works that I've been working on.

Uh, life is hard.

I know I'm still clumsy with my English. But today, this is my first try to write my blog in English. I've done it for a memorial. I actually have wanted to try this for a while. I also keep trying to improve my language skill as music.

I'm planning to go out to sing this week, to somewhere at an open mic.

See you then,

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