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An Oral Invader

It was in the late 2017 when I went to see a dentist for checkup for the first time in about five years. I had a letter from a ward office of the city of Tokyo and said that I can get free checkup for dental health. I just didn't come up any ideas that I wouldn't use this "free ticket for being health". So I took an appointment to see the dentist, the one close to my place.
I was nervous before I go, because I sometimes find myself that I forget how to do things naturally in Japan since I have come back to Japan last spring. I know they have an assumption that I can act like an ordinary Japanese in his 30s as I look 100% Japanese guy who speaks its mother tongue with no problems. People here aren't so nice to these particular kind of people.

Anyway, this is for my health. So I went there. 

There were two people who checked my teeth. The first person, she is a dental assistant I suppose, said that I don't have any cavities which need to be fixed. But the second person who looks like the main doctor of the clinic  said that I have a few of bad teeth. It was shocking but I immideately booked the next appointment after the checkup, meanwhile I put aside a question popped in my head "why is there a clear difference between two people?". 

On the second appointment, they told me that they'd like to "make sure" the way I brush my teeth. Again, the female dental assistant showed up first and she spread chemical liquid on my teeth. She made me hold a hand mirror and said "you see red color on some of your teeth, those are the teeth you couldn't brush well".
I saw my tendency in terms of brushing teeth and thought I should spend more time to do it carefully. I learnt something important but it wasn't an end. She said "okay, let's clean this up now" and started brushing my teeth. I, as an adult guy, have never been brushed my teeth from a young lady. I blushed but I didn't resist because I thought it's an usual procedure for them to do, so I accepted.

I have never experienced to see a dentist back in Toronto. Then I began to wonder that there is the same way of treatment all over the world.

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