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Fireworks festival

Went to a fireworks festival last night for the first time in 5 or 6 years. It was a lot of fun and touching. 

The fireworks were incredibly beautiful and well structured. I have almost forgotten how gorgeous and elaborate Japanese fireworks are. Some of them have a few colors in one ball and change the colors in seconds after the explosion. Some even have several times of explosions in the balls, these balls show small explosions while they rise until reach up to the maximum height. Some draw particular shapes by the explosions such as a cat, a flower, a pint of beer and so forth. Though I didn't watch yesterday since I settled down a bit far from a river where the event was held, I know some went along with a rhythm of music. The most greatest thing is that the entire event of launching the fireworks lasted over an hour. 
I found myself I got used to watch Canadian fireworks(mostly Toronto, I mean). It's very different. Wish someone could bring a technique of making the fireworks from Japan to Canada. I'm sure friends of mine in Canada will say that they like it too. I assume some of other asian countries have as beautiful as we have.

For a place of viewing, I went to an interesting cafe/ restaurant with my roommate. The restaurant is one of my roomy's favorite places and is also fantastic. They serve vegan foods with an unique style called Macrobiotic. All the dishes are tasty. But not only that, they somehow recalled some of my friends living in Toronto as well. I don't see many vegans or vegetarians friends here in Tokyo. 
There is a rooftop patio at the cafe, so we comfortably enjoyed watching the fireworks with having tasty yet healthy foods. One more amazing thing last night was that people at the cafe were all friendly and open. We shared a table with a eight-year-old kid and his mom. He is a very outgoing boy so we didn't take that long time to become friends.

Good people, good foods and the fireworks.

Glad I experienced this type of summer activity. To me, this is a very traditional, cultural and authentic way of enjoying the season in Japan. 

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