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Become a mother in 4 years

It was just about the time I was going to
upload my blog when a friend of mine just uploaded her blog. She wrote that she is going to give a birth within 24 hours and it's her first baby.
At that time, I was writing my blog about an experience of 4 years because I just felt that people are really able to be different in 4 year, their habits, thoughts, circumustances and so forth.
I strongly feet it when I look back my past 4 years. Also, I assure that happened to my friends as far as I know about them. A woman who just uploaded the blog before me is one of them. Her life has been changed a lot from what I know in 4 years ago. Now she is about to become a great mother. 

Being a mother is such an amazing, primitive, essential event as human being that was given to only women.
She is going to create a 'birthday' for a person.
She, as a musician friend, gave me so many beautiful and spiritual moments. I cannot thank enough. I personally know that she had some serious and difficult situations for her life.
But now I'm so happy for her that she could overcome these obstacles and finally become a mother.

What kind of person are you going to be in 4 years from now?

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