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Dance, Dance, Dance!

Joined the music video shooting of Belle & Sebastian as an extra. I had so much fun. I went to a venue in the morning, then I had been dancing all day long. Dancing and waiting were the most of my task. The crew was all nice. The other extras were mostly nice. We really enjoyed dancing and chatting together. I had a great experience. One of my excited moment was that we danced with professional ballet dancers. They were all coming from the National Ballet of Canada. Their dances were incredible. They jumped super high. Their hands, arms and legs moved sensitively and smoothly. And they were friendly. That was the beauty! It was touching moment for me to watch their dance and even dance with us.
The new song that we danced with will be going on sale around January 2015. The song was also good, of course. The vocal makes the distinct taste of the band. And the arrangement of strings, percussion, harmonies. That's the Belle & Sebastian sound.
Oh, I wish I could take a picture with them. There was a Japanese dancer in the professional team. She was amazing!
The most biggest thing is that we all moved to shoot the video without the band. The music makes them moved!

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