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Too good to be true

I saw a dream last night(昨夜夢をみた)

She jumped on your back(あの人が背中に飛び乗る)

With a big smile(満面の笑顔で)

With no hesitation(ためらいもなく)

It's the moment that you hear the "sound of happy"(それは「幸せの音」がきこえる瞬間)

You've been stuck in your small maze(君は小さな迷路から抜けられず)

Trying to find a way out(出口を探している)

People say you're just dreaming(みんなは夢をみているだけだって言う)

And there's nothing like a real(本当のことはなにもなく)

It is too good to be true(そんなの出来過ぎた話だと)

To get out of the maze(迷路を抜け出すため)

You choose one thing(君はひとつの選択をする)

A simple answer(簡単な答え)

It’s the simplest option you have(最も簡単な選択肢)

It's the shortest(最も短くて)

Less painful(痛みが少ない)

Though you know it doesn't resonate in your heart(でも心が共鳴しないことは知っている)

Wishing that someone would gladly accept it(誰かが望む答えであることを願い)

Then you talk to yourself(独りつぶやく)

It was too good to be true(あまりにも出来過ぎた話だったのだと)

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