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The Birthday Brother

Yesterday was my oldest brother’s birthday.

I have a family of five. My parents and my brothers are all in Japan. When my friends in Canada ask me, "Do you miss your family?" I answer, "Not really though I miss my friends in Tokyo."

I think it's just because of my personality and the circumstance I grew up in. It's not neglect or hatred whatsoever. I love my family and I respect each one of them. But I don't miss them as much as I miss my friends I met in Tokyo. I assume my family also feels the same way as mine. We are comfortable with taking a certain distance among the family as long as they live independently and keep being healthy. I really appreciate it and I even feel lucky to have them as my family.

When it comes to the relationship among family, there are various types of relationship in the globe. I have never had any kind of serious issues, conflicts and so forth with my brothers or my parents. But I still don't miss them. We are just not that close. I clearly remember lots of fond memories I shared with when I was a kid. But at the same time, it’s easy for me to think of bad memories happened when I was with them as the youngest of the five.

A family is such a special and interesting relationship. My family taught me a society through life experience and treated me with deep affection in their own ways. I'm sure that my fundamental character is given by them.

When I listened to one of my favorite songs, it recalls my oldest brother to my mind. He's the one who told me about this great musician. I never imagined that I would have been listening to it over decades. He led me to the world of music not only by listening to his favorites in our dining room when we lived together but also by singing with the guitar in front of me.
If I recommend you even one song before, it's because I really like you. That's what my oldest brother did to me and I loved it.

Happy birthday, my brother.

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